Research Teams

1. Plant and Experimental Biology

2. Molecular Biology and Ecology

1. Plant and Experimental Biology

Research Directions

Induction of genetic variability (tissue culture, mutagenesis experiments with gamma radiation and / or alkylating agents
Biotechnology regeneration and micropropagation species of medicinal and aromatic plants;
The identification of new active principles of herbs and assessing their bioproductivity;
Analysis of new genotypes (chemotype / chemovarietate) selected after experimental genetic techniques.

Assessing human impact on ecosystems ecotoxicology;

Evaluation of abiotic factors on biota in protected areas; 

Dynamics of biogeochemical circuits in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems;

Technologies for recovering and treating useful compounds from waste materials.

Activity Domains

  • Development of bioproducts using formulas in phytotherapy, cosmetics, food;

  • Phytochemical analysis and QUALITATIVE active principles;

  • Morfofitochimice and genetic research;

  • Crops conventionalede medicinal and aromatic plants.

  • In vitro tissue culture;

  • Hydrochemical and geochemical dynamics and evaluation of biochemical circuits of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems;

  • Evaluation of the impact of abiotic and biotic factors in natural and protected ecosystems (hydro- and geochemistry).

List of equipments

Team Members
GILLE Elvira - Dr., CS I  Curriculum Vitae
DĂNILĂ Doina - Dr., CS II Curriculum Vitae

Valentin GRIGORAS - (BSc, MSc, PhD) - Scientific Researcher - Curriculum vitae
ŞTEFANACHE Camelia - Dr, CS III  Curriculum Vitae
NECULA Radu - Drd., CS  Curriculum Vitae
GAVRIL (Ghita) Georgiana Luminiţa - Dr., CS Curriculum Vitae     
Cretu Ruxandra - Dr. Cs Curriculum Vitae
ORBAN Elisabeta – Research Assistant

BĂLĂU Laurenţia - Tehnician I  

2. Molecular Biology and Ecology 

Website group: 

Main research directions & competencies

  • Evaluation and monitoring of the environmental impact induced by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on natural and agro-ecosystems (E.R.A. of GMOs);

  • GMO detection, identification and quantification in plant, food and feed matrices (GMO analysis);

  • Molecular characterization of transgenic events and genome stability under stress conditions (GMO molecular characterization);

  • Characterization and inventory of genetic resources using molecular markers (molecular fingerprintin);

  • DNA barcoding of botanicals and nutraceuticals;

  • Plant transgenesis (model and crop species);

  • Plant epigenetics.

Team members

Mihael Cristin ICHIM (BScMScPhD) - Scientific Researcher & Group Leader - Curriculum vitae
Ancuta Cristina RACLARIU (BScMSc, PhD student) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Paula Paraschiva SOSOI (BScMSc, PhD student) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Ramona Elena IRIMIA (BScMSc) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Madalina Oana POPA (BScMSc) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Andreea ANDREI (BScMSc student) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Larisa Elena TOMESCU (BSc, MSc student) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae
Ramona Mihaela CIUBOTARU (BSc) - Research Assistant - Curriculum vitae