Research projects




  • AMIGA (FP7 - KBBE.2011.3.5-01) - „Assesing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants on Agro-ecosystems

    Project responsible: Mihael Cristin ICHIM

    Website proiect:


  • AMIGA (UEFISCDI/ Capacitati - Modulul III, 199EU) - „Assesing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants on Agro-ecosystems

    Project coordinator: Mihael Cristin ICHIM

    Website proiect:


  • ARMOREC (74/2014) - "Development of a functional modelfor sustainable capitalization of genetic and phytochemical diversity of Arnica montana L. wild populations in the Northern area of the Romanian Eastern Carpathians.

Project coordinator: Dr. Scientific Researcher II - Doina Danila

Website proiect:


  • REART (IZ73Z0_152265/2014) - „Capitalization of the natural potential of several medicinal and aromatic species in the Artemisia genus with economic and ecological value in Moldova”

    Project responsible: PhD Scientific Researcher - Camelia Stefanache

    Website proiect:


  • PhytoAuthent (EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 - 2014 / Research within Priority Sectors) - "Molecular authentication of complex herbal food supplements for safety and efficacy" (2014-2017)
    Project coordinator: Mihael Cristin ICHIM



Finalized Projects:


  • BIOLAV (124CI / 31.08.2012) - Technological transfer and assistance to introduce the micropropagation technology into selected lavender bioforms (Lavandula ssp.).

Project website :


  • FITALOX (156CI / 01.10.2012) - Isolation of some phytocomplexes with antioxidant action to be used in food integrators.

Project website:



  • METAVEG (61-039) - Biotechnology for obtaining plant metabolites used in the prophylaxis and therapy Orthomolecular

  • FITODEC (31-061) -Uncontaminated extracts used in phytotherapy obtained by unconventional technologies


  • MED-AGROSILV (51-055) - Agro-forestry strategy for the recovery and conservation of medicinal plant biodiversity in the context of sustainable rural development in the mountain valley of Bistrita. Project website:


  • VEROBIO (32-151) - The Veronica genus – identification of interrelations between the biological and ecological diversity of the species identified in protected areas and at national level in order to characterize, preserve and durable use of the genetic resources.

  • Project website:




  • BIOTECH21 -  Phytopreparations potentially antiaging derived from biotechnology


  • BIOTECH77 -  Getting through biotechnology of preparations acting on neuro-immuno-cutaneous system


  • MARESEP -  Management of natural resources and ecological security of the border basin of the Prut